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11+ Mock Tests

All our mock papers contain original material developed by Education Options' expert team. Each paper benefits from extensive care taken to reflect the final Bucks exam in terms of level, mix of types of questions and balance. Just like the final exam children are directed by an AUDIO for conducting the exam. Just like the final exam the papers are OMR marked to avoid mistakes in marking by humans. You get a detailed report highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses providing guidance as to the next course of action for you child. You will know how your child has done compared to standards for 'on target' and 'high achievers’, within the cohort. Every question is unique.

The exam will comprise two test papers that are each approximately 60 minutes in length with a small gap in between. They will assess verbal skills, mathematical and non-verbal skills just like in the final exam.

Please read all the information here as it will answer all your questions

  • How can I be sure that my child will get to experience the real exam in terms of the questions and the conditions?
    EdOp go to great lengths to ensure this happens, starting from the content to the actual way the tests are conducted. For example, EdOp has always used audio to instruct the students during the mock; exactly like in the final exam. The content, for all our mocks, reflects the level and types of questions in the final exam; regardless of how far the mock is away from the final exam, in terms of time.
  • How are the Mock tests prepared?
    The tests are prepared in-house by our 11+ experts with over 20 plus years of teaching and experience of talking to 11+ students who have sat the exam. Being close to the students through teaching helps enormously in determining a high standard of the content; all EdOp exam creators are passionate about teaching and continue to teach.
  • Will I get to see the Mock papers i.e the questions in the papers?
    To preserve the integrity of the tests these will not be shared. However, a detailed report will be provided as explained in the next question here.
  • What feedback will I get?
    You will get a detailed report showing your child’s scores for each section compared to what is required to be on target. You will clearly be able to see your child’s strengths and weakness. Also, a comparison to the standard for high achievers will be provided.
  • How can I be sure that the exam conditions will be Covid safe?
    Our mock sittings follow a Covid safe risk assessment, approved by the government guidelines. Candidates will be expected to wear masks.
  • How will I get the results?
    By email from
  • When can I expect the result?
    Within 3 days from taking the test
  • When will I get details like the venue, what to bring etc?"
    Once you have booked you will get a communication containing this.
  • Does EdOp offer more than one Mock test?
    Yes, we do. Each Mock is designated Bucks GL-1A, GL-1B etc
  • Can I rebook for my child to take the same test again?
    This is a good idea if you want to measure your child’s progress post-result and after working on the weaknesses. You can rebook if your child scored less than 75% originally. Carefully read the name of the mock before booking. Misreading will not be taken as a valid reason for any changes relating to bookings.
  • Can I swap my booking because I saw a reduced EdOp mock offer for another time after booking?
    We believe in providing exceptional value matched to exceptional quality. So, your original booking will already be a bargain. You cannot change the price paid once you have booked. This is to allow us to plan properly. Our Mock tests are in great demand and much sought after and all the time we are organising new sittings to give everyone equal opportunity to benefit from the tests.
  • Can I change my booking time to another one that you are providing?
    We will try to accommodate depending on availability of places as long as the request is made 72 hours before the earlier of the two tests. You must send this request by email to The price paid will not be changed.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    Yes, as long as this is communicated 72 hours before the test time by email to It follows that if you are booking within less than 72 hours then this option is not available simply due to the planning time available. Your money will be refunded minus the bank finance charges and an administration fee, totalling £30. The refund will not be instant but will be within the timescales of the banking and our accounting processes. We may need to communicate with you verbally to action this.

Terms & Conditions

1. You cannot change the price paid once you have booked. 
2. We will try to accommodate, any requests to change the booked time to another one, depending on availability of places as long as the request is made 72 hours before the earlier of the two tests. You must send this request by email to The price paid will not be changed. 
3.The test questions will not be shared.
4. You cannot cancel the your booking once the booking has been processed. 


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