11+ Mock Tests

All our mock papers contain original material developed by Education Options' expert team. Each paper benefits from extensive care taken to reflect the final Bucks exam in terms of level, mix of types of questions and balance. Just like the final exam children are directed by an AUDIO for conducting the exam. Just like the final exam the papers are OMR marked to avoid mistakes in marking by humans. You get a detailed report highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses providing guidance as to the next course of action for you child. You will know how your child has done compared to standards for 'on target' and 'high achievers’, within the cohort. Every question is unique.

The exam will comprise two test papers that are each approximately 60 minutes in length with a small gap in between. They will assess verbal skills, mathematical and non-verbal skills just like in the final exam.

Please read all the information here as it will answer all your questions

Terms & Conditions

1. You cannot change the price paid once you have booked. 
2. We will try to accommodate, any requests to change the booked time to another one, depending on availability of places as long as the request is made 72 hours before the earlier of the two tests. You must send this request by email to accounts15@education-options.co.uk The price paid will not be changed. 
3.The test questions will not be shared.
4. You can cancel the booking 72 hours before the test time by emailing to accounts15@education-options.co.uk. Your money will be refunded minus the bank finance charges and an administration fee, totalling £25.