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Entrance to Independent and State Schools

We have a high level of success in helping children get places in various independent schools. These students have achieved scholarships which in some cases have been substantial. It is very satisfying for us when our students achieve entrance to schools where the competition is fierce.


In all cases our strong 11+ programme provides the starting foundation. This is the reason why we do not focus just on passing the CEM or GL exam. It is a reminder of just how strong our 11+ program is.

This course is suitable if some of the below apply:

  • Your child is a high achiever and you think they could achieve a scholarship

  • Your child is gifted in a particular sport or skill such as playing an instrument and you want an environment for them develop

  • Including the academics you are attracted by the all round development that some schools provide

  • Regardless of academics you want to give your child the opportunity for extra curricular development and attention that some schools offer

  • Some schools are prestigious and for valid reasons. You want to give your child the opportunity to go to such a school

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