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Mock Exams

Students who are not our course can also benefit from our high quality Mock Exams.

Reasons for choosing Education Options Mock Exams:

  • You want to know where your child is with their preparation

  • Your child is being taught by a tutor and you want a second opinion

  • You want the best quality testing for your child

  • You want to give your child variety in testing

  • You want to know how your child performs compared to over hundreds of students

  • You want to avoid poor mock tests

  • You want to avoid generic national tests which are totally inappropriate for the Bucks test

  • You are looking for good value

  • All our mock papers contain original material developed by Education Options' expert team.

  • Each paper benefits from extensive care taken to reflect the final Bucks exam in terms of level, mix of types of questions and balance

  • Just like the final exam children are directed by an audio for conducting the exam

  • Just like the final exam the papers are auto marked to avoid mistakes in marking by humans

  • You get a detailed report highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses providing guidance as to the next course of action for you child

  • You know how your child has done compared to standards for 'on target' and 'high achievers'

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