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EdOp classes

Our classes follow a systematic and structured methodology developed by the founders; innovation and evidence-based application of science is the corner stone of the proven EdOp method.


We prepare students for 11+ entrance exams and also entrance at other age entry levels. This is for the Bucks area and also for all other authorities in UK, as per the family's individual preferences.

We also prepare for entrance to independent schools and super-selective grammar schools. 

For parents on our programme advice on all the matters to select the right path for the student is included.

In line with our experience, we are specialists in GL Assessment and CEM exams.

We teach in small groups with a maximum of 14 students in a class and 7 to 1 student to staff ratio; combined with 1 to 1 support wherever needed.

All our teachers are qualified and experienced and also trained in the EdOp method of education.

All elements of the service that we provide are linked to a comprehensive and proven EdOp teaching system guaranteed to deliver education success. It is a holistic approach to education aimed at dealing with the root causes of blockages to learning rather than just 'treating the symptoms.'

In line with the holistic approach, we offer mindfulness and yoga classes and provide support for the well being of the child as they progress through the course.

We provide workshops for the parents.

Our courses will benefit all students no matter what level they currently are at school.

All our staff are DBS checked.

We have a dedicated centre in Milton Keynes where research and planning are carried out, which is conveniently situated in a local centre not far from the centre. The centre is equipped with state of the art education technology. Apart from teaching at the centre we also use schools in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Luton to teach.

Mock exams and tests are an integral part of our teaching programmes.

All our courses teach everything that is required for the 11+ at the appropriate year group; parents do not need to worry about this.

Everything that is required in terms of resources is included within our course.

On our courses students are provided with a variety of resources including our self-created resources, text books and worksheets sourced from quality suppliers,  where we have partnered with them. The work is also in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles and inlude on-line platforms and mobile app.

Our unique vocabulary teaching methodology is a key component of all our courses. This is supported by a phone app.

We use gamification, to make learning fun, for the children.

The students and parents are supported by a 20 strong team of staff including teachers, teaching assistants, admin staff and consultants.


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 T +447817388046 / T 01908 415700


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